Are the performances free?

Yes! Every performance is free, no tickets required.

How long are the performances?

Each performance is 1 hour in length.

How often do you offer performances?

We offer one performance a month. For more information, please visit our calendar.

Do you offer run-out performances?

Yes! Please contact us if you would like us to present an interactive performance for your school, camp, or community.

My child cannot sit through an hour-long concert. Is this event appropriate for me?

Yes! At the beginning of every performance, we welcome and encourage all audience members to feel free to experience the music as you like. If your child wants to get up and dance or run around, they are welcome to. We want everyone to relax and enjoy themselves!

My child doesn’t have autism. Can I still come?

Yes, every performance is open to the public and welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds, while being conscious of and sensitive to the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. We simply ask that you realize this is not a controlled audience environment, and accept the possibility of extraneous noise and movement throughout the performance.

What does “interactive performance” mean?

Performers will speak between each musical selection (sometimes offering personal stories, interesting facts about or connections with the music), and/or lead engaging activities, such as dancing, singing, and clapping. Each musical selection is under 5 minutes long.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are running late to the concert. Can we still come?

Yes. Our performances are presented in a way that makes late entry natural and not disturbing. You don’t even need to wait for the end of a piece – please just come in and join us when you arrive!

What makes these performances autism-friendly?

In planning for each performance, we take into consideration the venue size, layout, lighting, and acoustics. During the performance, we welcome all individuals to experience the music as they see fit, whatever that may mean. We will never shush you or ask you to sit still. We like to see you enjoying yourself.

Why is each performance in a different location?

Part of our mission is to make these performances as accessible as possible. That’s why they’re free, and why they’re offered in neighborhoods across the Philadelphia area. You’ll find at least one performance that’s convenient to your home, minimizing travel time and parking stress.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge of classical music before the performance?

Not at all!

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to reach to us here. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.